Toxic (2020)

In the middle of a mysterious insomnia epidemic that slowly takes on catastrophic dimensions, Laura (39) and Augusto (42) flee the city in their motorhome to get away from the chaos. As they move down the route, the world becomes an increasingly strange and dangerous place. Finally, Laura reveals a story that changes everything. The road is depopulating, the silence grows and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate the reality from the dream.

Des vues: 1

Genre: Science FictionThriller

Director: Ariel Martínez Herrera,Cecilia Kang,Vicente Basili,

Actors: Agustín Rittano,Alejandro Jovic,Gabriel Pallero,Jazmín Stuart,Jorge Prado,Lucila Mangone,Marcelo D'Andrea,Marcelo Minnino,Martin Garabal,Sebastián Carbone,

Country: Argentina,

Duration: 80

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.7