The Island of Lies (2020)

Galicia, northern Spain, January 2, 1921. The steamship Santa Isabel, sailing towards Argentina with more than two hundred emigrants on board, sinks off the coast of Sálvora Island. Three island women, María, Josefa and Cipriana, who have bravely set sail aboard a fragile skiff to save the shipwrecked, are treated as heroes by the cynical authorities; but León, an inquisitive and tenacious Argentinean journalist, starts asking uncomfortable questions.

Des vues: 2

Genre: DramaMysteryThriller

Director: Aitor Vitoria,Francesc 'Xipi' Jiménez,Paula Cons,Sabela Pillado,

Actors: Aitor Luna,Ana Oca,Celso Bugallo,Darío Grandinetti,Miguel Borines,Milo Taboada,Nerea Barros,Pedro Galiza,Sergio Quintana,Victoria Teijeiro,

Country: Spain, Portugal, Argentina,

Duration: 94

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8