Loco por vos (2020)

Lucas and Simón, friends who work in a creative agency in Bogotá, throw a party as a favor to their boss, Johana. There, Lucas meets Lina, Johana’s paisa cousin who travels to Bogotá to get a visa and go to study fashion design in the United States. Madly in love, Lucas travels to Medellin to try to conquer Lina, where he will realize that Before conquering her, she will have to conquer her paisa family.

Des vues: 8

Genre: ComedyRomance

Director: Felipe Martínez Amador,

Actors: Julián Arango,Laura Londoño,MONICA LOPERA,Raúl Ocampo,Roberto Urbina,

Country: Colombia,

Duration: 97

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3