Candy Cane Christmas (2020)

Since childhood, Candy Cane Lane has been Phoebe’s favorite Christmas tradition. This Christmas, however, the neighborhood decides to skip the decoration, crushing Phoebe’s spirits. As Phoebe’s searching for a new tradition to lift her holiday spirits, she realizes that it’s not the traditions we cherish, but the people we spend them with. As Phoebe is preparing for her new tradition, she stumbles upon the final thing her Christmas was missing: love!

Des vues: 18

Genre: RomanceTV Movie

Director: Adrian Langley,

Actors: Bénédicte Bélizaire,Beverley Mitchell,Brett Geddes,Derek Johns,Gilles Plouffe,Heather Tod Mitchell,Mark Day,Mark Ghanimé,Sasha Wentges,Trudy Weiss,

Country: Canada,

Duration: 90

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5